Core Team

Sunil Mayreddy, Founder & CEO

Sunil Mayreddy, Founder, Catalyzer Startup Accelerator

Sunil is a self taught entrepreneur with experience in building startups in mobile, telecom, renewable power and non profits in education and environment. He’s been mentoring and advising startups and non profits. Sunil spent several years in teaching yoga & meditation.

Venkat Changavalli

Changavalli Venkat

Venkat Changavalli is an Author, Leadership Mentor, Management Consultant and Trainer. His vision is to mentor 50 leaders individually and provide leadership training for 500 leaders every year for enterprises (Corporations, Entrepreneurial enterprises, Government and Social Enterprises).

Dr. Jia Wang, Advisor & Director of Research

Dr. Jia Wang Catalyzer Startup Commune Profile

Dr. Jia Wang is currently an Associate Professor of Human Resource Development (HRD) at Texas A&M University, College Station, USA. Jia received her Ph.D. and M.ED. in Human Resource and Organization Development from the University of Georgia, USA, and M.B.A. from Aston University, UK.

Dr.Prakash K. Nair Advisor

Dr. Prakash K. Nair Mentor Catalyzer

Dr. Prakash Nair – Senior Manager, Leadership and Organization Development at Infosys Leadership Institute. His current role includes coaching and training senior leaders in specific leadership dimensions and conducting research in topics relevant to leadership practice. He obtained a doctorate from Texas A&M.

Dr. Angel Decegama, Advisor

Decegama-Dr - Copy

Dr. Angel DeCegama, a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University has spent several years in developing innovative technologies. Dr. DeCegama currently teaches engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology, MA and CEO of ADC2 Technologies Corporation.

Dr. Madhulika.S, Co-founder & Director

Dr. Madhulika Catalyzer Profile Photo

Madhulika.S has a PhD in Environmental Plant Science followed by a Master’s with triple emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, Social and Leadership development from Texas A & M University, College Station , Texas. Madhu considers herself a serial Edupreneur running a successful non profit.


Terry Hilsberg

Terry has been an economist and coder. A venture capitalist in Japan, China and the USA, including raising early stage venture fund from Japanese institutional investors. The founder of or very early stage investor in 6 edutech startups, of varying success, in China and Australia. Raised more than A$50M of mainly international venture money to invest in these edutech companies.

Simran Gambhir (Sydney)

Simran - Mentor

Director, Singa Entertainment, Broken Arms Games; Program Manager, ANZ Innovyz START. Former CTO, News Interactive and FlyBuys. Technology and Innovation run through Simran’s veins, and combined with strong hands-on technical knowledge and understanding of the business landscape, he is helping businesses, large and small adapt and create for the world of tomorrow.

Eliana Pinilla

Eliana Pinilla Mentor Catalyzer

Eliana Pinilla is an experienced food industry professional currently expanding food processing and food systems base-knowledge as a Scientist in Chicago. She holds a BS from Purdue University and a MS from Texas A&M University. Her graduate work in enhancing Food Security in Salvadorian rural communities granted her The President’s Volunteer Bronze Service Award in 2011.

Jaya Ramchandani 

The Story of Light - Jaya Ramchandani

…quit her job as a science editor four years ago to go explore the universe. Her time at Leiden University (studying astronomy for two years) in the Netherlands changed the way she saw light. And changed the way she saw life. She’s been working with astronomy outreach since and is compelled to share with people what she has learnt. Discussions with friends led to birth of ‘The Story of Light’ project. 

Usha Somasundaram

Usha Somasundaram Mentor Catalyzer

Usha Somasundaram is an expert in microfinance, livelihoods, children education, health & sanitation. Usha has created the greatest impact in short period in creating entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of men and women in a war torn country – Afghanistan. She forged partnership with government ministries to establish livelihoods projects benefiting 8000 men and women.

Tania Nery-Kjerfve, Mentor

Tania Nery-Kjerfve Mentor Catalyzer

Tania Nery-Kjerfve is a PhD candidate at the Department of Education Administration and Human Resource Development at Texas A & M University. Her research interests include topics associated with international mobile workers – i.e. expatriation and repatriation issues, localization of expatriate employees, knowledge transfer, and organization learning. She currently resides in Malmo, Sweden. 

Arvind Jeenoor, Mentor

Arvind Jeenoor, Mentor Catalyzer Startup Accelerator

Arvind is a certified Project Management Professional. His domain expertise includes Quality management, Risk management, Business continuity & Disaster recovery, Training & Resource management in IT. Some of the organizations he provided services include Infosys, Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education, Astra Zeneca, Invesco, Franklin Templeton, Deloitte, IBM & TCS.

Asavari Thatte

Asavari Thatte - Savannah College

Asavari’s work as a graphic designer and as an art educator is driven by her need to work for children. After B.F.A in Applied Art, she worked as a designer in a corporate design studio in Japan and in India. Asavari earned her Masters degree in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Asavari is presently pursuing her doctoral studies in art education at the Penn State University.

Tejas Modak, Mentor

Tejas Modak

Tejas writes, draws, doodles, paints, daydreams and lives in Pune, India. His first graphic novel – Private-eye Anonymous: The Art gallery Case – was published in 2008. His second graphic book – Animal Palette – where he collaborated as illustrator was published in 2011 and shortlisted for the Best Graphic Novel award at ComicCon India. Currently he is working on a new graphic nove.

Dr. Dominique T. Chlup

Dominique T. Chlup Texas A & M University

Dominique T. Chlup received her Doctorate in Education from Harvard University.  She is an Associate Professor in the Adult Education and Human Resource Development (HRD) program at Texas A&M University. She is also an affiliate faculty member in the Women’s and Gender Studies program.  

About Mentors

“Our Mentors are real friends who give advice based on their talent and experience, not just utilitarian business contacts”.

Mentors at Catalyzer Startup Accelerator are genuinely interested in supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Even the most successful and busy mentors are supportive, and will spend time to answer questions. They give practical advice, provide feedback, make introductions and recommendations. Mentors are real friends who give advice based on their talent and experience, not just utilitarian business contacts. This culture makes us unique and different from other seed and startup accelerators.

Mentors have seen it all ! They have seen big exits and small businesses, profitable and train-wreck companies, fast growth and slumps, dream teams and disputes, and all types of great ideas and the worst crashes. Startups and startup businesses are unpredictable; you never know what surprises lie around the next corner. When you talk to mentors, whether you have good or bad news, chances are that they have seen the situation before. Their experience and understanding of the problem will enable them to make good predictions. Mentors at Catalyzer Startup Accelerator are exceptionally bright and talented, outspoken, straight-to-the-point and honest people. They make time for the startups and only do things that are good for startup businesses.

Mentors are entrepreneurs themselves and know anybody and everybody worth knowing in the startup scene. This makes them ideally placed for introducing you to the kind of people you want to meet. They also know who is sincerely helping you, who is genuinely investing, and who do not mean business.

For startups that are new to the markets, mentors are a great way to help you, establish your ground. You can build your network with the help of those who already know their way around. You can celebrate with them when things go well, and get encouragement from them during tough times. You could not ask for a better group of people to hang out with and build your startup business with a network of talented people.

Catalyzer Mentors and Advisors are experienced entrepreneurs, academicians and consultants. They volunteer their valuable time without compensation in order to give back to the entrepreneurial community and help nurture future entrepreneurs. Mentors and Advisors work with teams to provide impartial advice in their areas of relevant expertise.